Sputnik 1

February 13, 2017

Keep in touch with the masses. Live close to them. Know their moods. Know everything. Understand the masses. Be able to approach them. Win their absolute trust. Leaders must not become isolated from the masses they lead, or the vanguard from the whole army of labor… Do not flatter the masses and do not break away from them. — V. I. Lenin

Welcome, comrade!

This is the peoples’ space. Upon it we shall inscribe the collected works of Virginia’s small, but vocal, left. Our goal is to provide news, analysis and commentary on Virginia and national politics, from a Marxist perspective, in order to enlighten our communities and aid in the building of a mass party that will provide Virginians with truly democratic access to our captured political process.

Instructions for submitting your work can be found on the contact page.

If you are a sexist, racist, homophobe, or fascist, this community is not yours.

We look forward to losing our chains with you.